People Investigating Toxic Sites was founded in 1984 to provide information on locations and dangers of open and closed dumpsites (landfills), contaminated groundwater, and to investigate illnesses related to contamination of the environment.

Most dumpsites contain carcinogenic chemicals and highly flammable, highly explosive methane gas.   Health studies show connections between exposure to chemicals in dumpsites and cancer, leukemia, autism, birth defects and other serious illnesses.


Cancer and Other Serious Illnesses Near Dumps

Dumps Contaminating Our Water

Schools on Dumps Across America

Golf Courses on or Adjacent to Closed Dumps

Communities Built on World War II Bombing Ranges

Explosions and Fires at Dumps


City of Fridley, MN Cancer Cluster Investigation

Mill Valley Middle School, Marin County, CA

2007 Santiago Canyon Fire Origin at Santiago Canyon & Silverado Canyon Roads, Orange County, CA

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